Taste Safe Finger Paints

It has been unusually warm here this week so we have been able to play outdoors for the first time since Buddy became more mobile. What a great opportunity to introduce him to painting! Luckily, my husband also had the day off, so we were able to have a family fun day.

We decided to do some painting outdoors. Buddy is still at the stage where everything goes into his mouth so I looked up some edible paint recipes and found this nice and simple one on Pinterest.

Baby safe edible paint

I amended the recipe and used only a sprinkle of salt in case Buddy decided to eat it.

It only took about five minutes to make enough to fill two 200g baby food jars. I wanted more colours, so I slightly increased the quantities and ended up with five jars.

paints 2

As Buddy is unlikely to produce anything of Picasso standard yet, he paints on the back of a roll of wallpaper we bought in a bargain bin one day. It is nice and thick so he is unlikely to tear it, and I can make a huge canvas by taping pieces together. We started off with a few colours. Buddy really seemed to like the texture and enjoyed swirling it around on the paper.

finger paints

He enjoyed playing with the tape at the edge of the paper more than playing with the paint at times!

After about ten minutes Buddy got bored and decided that eating mud was more fun than painting, so we decided to have a paddling pool bath to clean him up.



The great thing about the edible baby paint is that it comes straight off and it hasn’t stained anything yet. After five minutes splashing in the water, Buddy was clean as a whistle.

This was a super fun and simple activity which Buddy really enjoyed. For more taste safe toddler activities why not check out our 30 Taste Safe Doughs or 30 Taste Safe Sensory Bins for babies and toddlers.




12 thoughts on “Taste Safe Finger Paints

  1. What marvellous ideas you have and what a lucky boy Buddy is to have such an adventurous Mummy! I have an 8.5 month old and don’t feel like I’ve been providing enough sensory stimulation for her. I need to get over my own laziness and fear of making mess. Your posts are inspiring. Thank you for sharing them and pls keep them coming!


    • Thank you that is a really lovely thing to say! I will happily keep sharing and hope you enjoy making some mess soon. I try and take advantage of the better weather and play outside as much as possible at the moment, it makes the clean up operation so much easier.


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  4. Hi! Inspiring post! I have a very active 8 month old now and would love to try this. How long can you keep the edible paint though? I’m just thinking if my lo decides to eat it then I would want to know if its still ok. Do you store it in the fridge? Tia


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