Colourful Foam Party

Well the sun is still shining so I decided to get creative again. Buddy really enjoys touching, throwing, splashing and tasting at the minute so after a quick browse online I decided to make some colourful sensory foam.


This is really simple to make, you can find the recipe here.
Soap Foam Bubbles Sensory Play – Fun at Home with Kids
This is a fab blog which I use often for ideas and inspiration.



Buddy enjoyed the green foam and enjoyed slapping it and seeing it fly everywhere. The foam lasted quite well – around 10 minutes – before it started getting sloppy.


I buried a few toys in the foam and Buddy enjoyed digging through and looking for them.



He also enjoyed trying to eat the foam although thankfully he only tried this once. I can only assume it tasted a bit gross.

Overall the activity cost next to nothing, only took 10 minutes of preparation and provided about 20 minutes of entertainment. He was exhausted by the time we were done and napped for a solid two hours – bonus!

Please note that this foam is not edible. Avoid contact with eyes.

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