No Mess Painting

I was having a browse on Pinterest the other day and stumbled upon this lovely Mess Free Painting gem from Mummy Musings and Mayhem

I always welcome a good, mess free distraction so I had to have a go right away.


What you need

Ziplock bag
Some strong tape

I used some left over edible paint I had in the fridge. If you need a quick paint recipe for this activity you can find it here.

Baby Safe Edible Paint

Make it

Squirt as much paint as you want into the bag. Zip it up and tape it down. Done!

If you are feeling creative you can include different colours, glitter or some small objects to make a brilliant sensory paint bag.

Play Time

I decided to stick ours to the coffee table. I would have loved to have it against a window so that Buddy could see through it as he moved the paint. Unfortunately he has no concept of danger or height yet and would think nothing of head diving from the windowsill with no warning, so I opted for the safe option this time!

Buddy enjoyed having a good prod and poke.


He practised slapping the bag and was thrilled with the results!


Buddy went in for the mandatory taste test, I love the smile on his face in the second picture.



This was a brilliantly simple activity with hardly any preparation and absolutely no mess.


We have left it set up on the coffee table for the past few days and Buddy just keeps going back to it. I’m thinking of making a patchwork of colours all around the edges for him to play with!

This is a great way to keep little hands busy! Why not give it a try and let me know how to get on.


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