About Us

Hello and welcome.

My name is Kyla and I live in Lincolnshire, UK with my husband “the Train Driver” and our one year old son who I will refer to as “Buddy” for the purpose of this blog.


Before Buddy burst into our lives, unplanned, unexpected but very much wanted, I was working as a Social Worker in Adult Services. Although I loved my job, I never fully appreciated just how much I would love staying at home with Buddy, watching him grow and learn every day. So the decision was made that I would stay at home until Buddy starts school (unless we have more in which case I get to stay and play even longer!)

I started this blog to share some play ideas that I love. Some are my own ideas and some are inspired ideas from some very creative bloggers and pinners out there. I love discovering and creating with Buddy, and we definitely like to get messy around here. I hope to share some fun things to do with little ones of all ages. I will also sometimes share my random motherhood musings.

Please feel free to browse, comment and follow. I hope you find some great ideas and have some creative fun with your little ones.

6 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi,

    Do you mind to share the food coloring you use in Buddy’s activities?im from Malaysia and i find it hard to find safe food coloring for toddler..thank you..


  2. Hi! Your family is adorable and I look foward to checking out your blog!! I was curious, How did you get feature and/or apart of so many blog networks? I just started out, do you have any advice? Thanks!!!


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