10 toddler friendly ghost crafts 460x260

10 Toddler Friendly Ghost Crafts

10 Awesome Toddler Friendly Ghost Crafts.
Some fun and simple ways to introduce Halloween to Toddlers.

460x260 toddler rainbow sort

Toddler Rainbow Sort

Since the arrival of Little Lady day to day life has been decidedly hectic. Balancing the needs and wants of a toddler with the needs of a newborn has been a challenge that no amount of preparation could have prepared me for, however we have started to settle into a semblance of a routine as…

aquarium craft post 460x260

Simple Aquarium Craft

Kids will have fun making this beautiful aquarium for their goldfish – or maybe a bigger fish! Materials include blue paper, modelling clay, thread, plastic berry box, seashells or colored rocks, tape, glue stick and a little sand from the sandbox. There are so many wonderful choices available in craft or sewing stores, or even…

5 interactive books for toddlers 460x260

The Best Interactive Books for Toddlers

I’ve been reading to my son since before he was born, but one of the things I love most about toddlerhood is that he’s much more involved in the process. He often chooses the books we read, and he loves when he can interact with the book. Seeing how much fun he’s having makes it…

new arrival 460x260

A New Arrival

Its been a long time coming. After a relatively easy pregnancy – or as easy as pregnancy can be whilst also parenting a toddler – we welcomed our new baby to the family last week. After several false starts I went into labour at 39 weeks and delivered this beautiful bundle of loveliness just seven…

9 ways to explore colours 460 260

8 Ways to Explore Colors

There are so many wonderful ways to explore color without breaking the bank. Hi, I’m Natasha and I blog over at Tiny Tots Adventures where I share the fun that my girls and I have fun all while learning. When it came time to explore colors with my toddlers I took the fun route. I…

10 no mess sensory play activities 460x260

10 No Mess Sensory Activities

Sensory play gives children an amazing opportunity to explore the world around them. Sensory play is usually associated with messy play. However, not all children (or parents) like this form of play. If you can’t stand the mess or if your little one doesn’t like to get their hands dirty then here are 10 no…

20-best-board-books-for-babies-intro 460260

Best Board Books for Toddlers

Hi! I’m Laura from Peace but Not Quiet — I blog about kids’ activities, recipes, crafts, and the general adventures of our family of six. One of my favorite things to do with each of my four children, when they were babies, was to cuddle up and read with them. The benefits of reading to…

10 ways toddler healthy eating 460260

10 Ways to Help your Toddlers Eat Healthily

Being a parent of a toddler is, how can I put this? A challenge. You’re busy having fun, laughing and playing when all of a sudden, something goes wrong. Before you know it, you have a screaming, crying toddler on your hands and you hardly know why. You offered them a raisin. You gave them…