Toddler Fine Motor Button Tree

In my ever ongoing quest for activities to keep Buddy occupied whilst I am feeding his Baby Sister this Fine Motor Button Tree has been an absolute winner.

Buddy is a fidgety kid. He’s the one who will pick and pick and pick at a piece of tape or a thread of carpet until it is no more. For this reason Fine Motor Activities are great for him. They seem to help him to fidget more constructively and it has saved my poor carpet.

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fine motor button tree cover

This activity is so simple. Just draw a tree on a piece of card. You can even colour it in badly like I did if you like!

Then, take some Sticky Back Velcro (affiliate link), cut into small pieces. Dot it around your tree where you would like the leaves to go.

Then, add some matching Velcro to your Buttons in Autumn Colours (affiliate link) and set your toddler to work!

Buddy had so much fun with this, we have been playing with it all week long!

fine motor button tree 470X246

If you loved this activity and want more simple activities to keep your Toddler’s hands busy, why not also check out our 15 Indoor Fine Motor Activities for Toddlers or our Simple Play Activities for toddlers


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