A New Arrival

Its been a long time coming. After a relatively easy pregnancy – or as easy as pregnancy can be whilst also parenting a toddler – we welcomed our new baby to the family last week.

After several false starts I went into labour at 39 weeks and delivered this beautiful bundle of loveliness just seven hours later. We decided to be “team green” during this pregnancy so the Train Driver was the first to discover our baby’s gender and to break the news…

This is Buddy’s little sister! She doesn’t have a blog nickname yet. We’ve only just settled on her real name as I was absolutely convinced throughout my pregnancy that we were having another boy so I hadn’t even really considered girl names.

So watch this space for more baby activities and fun in the near future, as well as the usual toddler antics. I’m hoping to be back up to full blogging speed within the next few weeks and hopefully the sleepless nights will provide me with plenty of opportunity to get the new blog website up and running too!


3 thoughts on “A New Arrival

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