Peek-a-boo Baby Wipe Lids

Buddy is a fiddler! He loves to touch, feel, open, close, lift and climb. Pretty much a normal toddler then! One of his favourite things to play with is baby wipes. He likes opening and closing the lid (and eating the wipes…)

So when I saw this brilliant play on Pinterest from Jenae at I Can Teach My Child it promoted me to think about how I could utilise the lids for Buddy to play with. She created a fantastic Peek-A-Boo House which I fully intend to recreate someday, however, as a quick distraction technique, I made a Peek-A-Boo door and attached it to Buddy’s temporary wall. This is where I put any homemade plays that I don’t expect to last for an indefinite amount of time – hey the kid likes to pull stuff off! Who am I to stop him?

What you need

Baby wipe lid
Photo of Baby or Family
Optional stickers to decorate the door.
An adhesive of your choice

How to make it

I cut a photo to fit the hole in the baby wipe lid.
I them attached lots of glue dots to the back of the photograph and to the back of the baby wipe lid. I chose to use glue dots because they are temporary, so I can move this around if needed.
I put some smily face foam stickers on the front (which Buddy has already started to pull off…)

It really couldn’t be more simple! Instant baby/toddler entertainment



Apologies for the low quality pictures today! This is what things in our house look like when Buddy has been pawing them all day!

So, for a super quick play idea, why not give it a go!


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