No Sew Homemade Bean Bags

I have a confession to make. This is really hard for me to say and I don’t know how to sugar coat it, so I’m just going to come out and say it.

I can’t sew.

I know some crafty bloggers will have stumbled to the floor amidst a sea of felt, pipe cleaners and homemade glue reading that statement, and I’m sorry, but it’s true.

Of course I am physically capable of sewing. I have ten digits and the necessary equipment, however anything I attempt to sew ends up in a worse state than when I started. Buttons I attach to coats fall off within minutes and often take several more with them (how does that happen?!) What I lack is patience and skill. Yes, I should work on it, however I also lack the inclination to better myself in mastering it.

This doesn’t usually present much of a problem, I have been known to enlist visitors’ sewing skills in exchange for a cup of tea or a Buddy cuddle. However I didn’t think it would be fair to ask a visitor to make some bean bags for Buddy. So, in absence of the inclination to better my disastrous sewing skills, I decided to have a go at a No Sew Beanbag!

This can be made in less than five minutes!

What you need

Fabric of your choice
Wonder web/Hemming web

How to make it

I cut up a pair of trousers that have been sat in a bag waiting to go to a charity shop for about a year (I am far too disorganised!) Of course you can use any fabric in any size that you choose. My fabric choice was somewhat influenced by the fact that two of the edges were already joined for me!


Turn the fabric inside out.


You then need to line your wonder web up to totally seal off one edge. (If you are using fabric squares seal off three edges here.)

If you don’t know how to use wonder web, you simply put it in place along the edge you want to seal and iron over it using the iron on it’s hottest setting.


You should now be left with one open edge. On this edge place your wonder web but leave a gap of an inch or two towards one corner. Iron into place


Turn your fabric right side round again, pulling it through the hole you left.


You may be left with a bit of a messy edge. If desired you can add some more wonder web and iron this again to neaten it up.



Then, using a funnel, pour rice into the bag to your desired density.


Next , place some wonder web in the open seam and iron into place.


And there you have it! A super quick bean bag that costs next to nothing and is fantastically easy to make!



Please be aware

These bean bags are not going to be as strong as a shop bought bag or a hand sewn bag (although it’s probably stronger than any hand sewn bag I could make!)

Please never leave your child unattended with these bags. If they split, the rice is a choking hazard for young children.

You could minimise this risk by putting the rice inside a zip lock bag and then placing this inside your bean bag, however I would still recommend never leaving your young child unattended with this bean bag. Better to be safe than sorry!

So, if you give this a go, let me know how you get on! Comments make me smile.


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