Discovering Flour Play

We had lots of fun discovering flour this week. I have wanted to see what Buddy would do if he was let loose with flour for some time and I finally got my answer!

Setting up Play


This play is so easy to set up. I used our big sensory bin and tipped the flour in. I used a mixture of plain and self raising flour because that is what we had left in the cupboard. The flour had been open for some time so I thought it was about time we used it up.

I threw in Buddy’s bulldozer toy because he really enjoys pushing things at the moment and has a lovely little fixation with spinning the wheels.

Play Time

Buddy was sticking his hand into the flour as soon as I set the sensory bin on the floor. The rest of him soon followed and he climbed straight in.



After a quick investigation of his digger, Buddy began touching the flour. He picked up handfuls and watched it sprinkle from his fingers back into the bin.


It was wonderful to see him watching the flour float softly back into the bin.

Buddy then had fun running his fingers backwards and forwards in the flour, making brilliant patterns and burying his hand in the flour.



Buddy spent some time pushing his digger through the flour and managed to fill the scoop up! It was fun to watch him playing with the scoop and spill flour all over his feet and I love the pose he pulled!




After a while I passed Buddy the dustpan from his dustpan and brush set. We are practising self feeding at the moment so any practice scooping is always welcome.




Buddy was totally covered in flour, it was fantastic!


He then decided to investigate his digger. He had fun spinning the wheels and then enjoyed pushing it through the flour.




After a while the flour lost its appeal, and Buddy decided to play bulldozer driver instead!


Play Value

This play cost approx £1 ( although if we hadn’t played with it I would have probably thrown the flour away in the next few weeks!)
Buddy enjoyed playing in the flour for around forty minutes.

Skills we learned

Buddy was working on his fine motor skills – pinching, grasping and dropping the flour. He also used fine motor skills spinning the wheels of his bulldozer and manoeuvring his dustpan.
He also used gross motor skills – climbing into the bin. Standing and sitting, moving around the bin and practicing his balance.
Problem solving – Filling the scoop of his bulldozer and working out how to empty it.

This play was so much fun!

Risk Factors
Mess – yes this could be a messy play. Fortunately for us, the more sensory plays we do the less mess Buddy seems to make. It’s nice to see that he seems to have learned the difference between food and play!
We did this play indoors because flour hoovers up easily.

I shared this play on a parenting group I participate in and a lady responded with concerns about the risk of Buddy breathing in the dusty flour particles.

Yes , there are some links between a high level of exposure to flour and asthma, often referred to as Baker’s asthma. This is associated with a frequent level of exposure over a period of time.

Buddy and I create larger flour dust clouds when we bake together than we created during this play.

So, to paraphrase my disclaimer I only ever post plays that I am comfortable using with my Son. If you have concerns about the safety of a play idea, please do not do it until you feel it is safe for your child to do. You know your child better than I do!

This was a brilliant play for us and we really enjoyed it. I’d love to hear your experiences if you try it!

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