5 Lies I told my Toddler before Breakfast, Parenting in Survival Mode

I have loved all stages of motherhood so far, but being pregnant whilst caring for a toddler has been the most challenging thing I have ever attempted. Some days I feel like I am totally winning this parenting lark and then, there are days like today. Those days when no matter how many hours sleep I have managed to cram in my head feels cemented to the pillow. The days when I walk around in a foggy cloud, every ounce of my being screaming for the caffeine that I can’t have.

I have had to accept that while I am pregnant there are going to be days when I’m not going to be on form. When this baby arrives I’m sure there are going to be plenty of days when the normal parenting rules go out of the window and we limber along in survival mode. I suppose these rough days are just preparing us for the inevitable.

As a rule I don’t tell lies. Not because I’m mightier than thou and highly moral. I’m just a terrible liar. But, Buddy hasn’t cottoned on to that yet, so while I can get away with telling him the odd fib I’m most certainly making the most of it.

5 lies toddler

Image credit: Freeimages.com. Cgrant6

1. We’re not allowed outside when its raining.

As much as I enjoy watching Buddy jump in muddy puddles, at 6am I’m just not interested in going outdoors. Particularly when it is lashing it down with ice cold rain and we were quite contentedly sat snuggled under a blanket together before Buddy looked out of the window.

2. Your cookies are exactly the same as Mummy’s.

Except for the fact that yours are wholewheat and smeared with hummus. Mine are dark chocolate digestives and I’ve eaten the entire pack.

3. I can’t find your car. It’s all gone.

You know, that really obnoxiously loud toy car that goes flying across the room playing techno music. The one you love to aim at my ankle bones when I’m not paying attention. Yep… no idea where it went.

4. The washing machine is on holiday.

What is it with my son’s obsession with the washing machine? I don’t just mean the act of loading and unloading it. He will sit and watch it go round and round for hours if I let him. Unfortunately, some mornings the washing machine goes on holiday. The sofa is much more appealing than the laundry room.

5. It’s Nap time now.


Please sleep. PLEASE!

How do you parent in survival mode? I’d love some more tips to get me through the next few months!

Tell me what you think.

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