Textured Sensory Frame for Babies – 60 Day Junk Play Challenge

This week I am joining up with some absolutely amazing bloggers to be part of the 60 Day Junk Play Challenge. For 60 Days a group of bloggers will be bringing you fun play ideas that you can create from “junk” that is laying around at home. How awesome is that?!

You can check out the 60 day Junk Play Challenge by following this nice and shiny link.

Best Toys 4 Toddlers Junk play Challenge

My selected item of junk was an old picture frame, which lends itself perfectly as a sensory board for babies and toddlers.

sensory frame for babies cover

This is super simple, just add some materials into the frame and secure them using the frame. Don’t forget to take off the glass front! This is an activity Buddy has enjoyed since he was a baby, and it is a fun and simple way to introduce him to materials that I don’t want him to munch on.

We use a tall frame that can be free-standing. When Buddy was a baby this enabled him to explore the textures freely without having to hold on to the frame.

Items you could include;

Felt Sandpaper Bubble Wrap Woolen Scarves
Silk Scarves Sponge Dish Cloth Embellished Cloth
Sequins* Beads* Rice* Pasta*
Sticky Tape A No Mess Sensory Bag
Cotton Wool Corduroy
Velvet Suede Brushed Cotton Lentils
Buttons* Fur/Faux Fur Wooden Blocks Pebbles*
Beads on String Pine Cones Leaves Shells*
Tree Bark Tin Foil Tissue Paper Tin Foil

*please note items marked with a * are intended to be securely glued to a surface to prevent choking hazard and injury.

Don’t be limited by this list, it’s a perfect tool for open ended discovery and play! As you can see from the following pictures, Buddy is no longer content to simply touch and feel the frame, he has to try to demolish and pull it too! I have identified this activity as suitable for babies because in our experience, Buddy destroyed it a lot less when he was a baby. That’s not to say older toddlers can’t enjoy it too though!

destruction 2

I hope you have enjoyed this idea and can make good use of it in your own playroom. Don’t forget to check out the other participant’s in the Junk Play Challenge too. Just follow this link for lots more fun and activities!

Best Toys 4 Toddlers Junk play Challenge

If you enjoyed this sensory play activity, you may also enjoy our 15 Indoor Sensory Bins for Toddlers or our Spider’s Web Discovery Basket too!


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