10 Simple and Fun One Year Old Activities

When Buddy turned one he also very quickly became mobile and interested in everything. Suddenly he was able to self propel himself towards the objects of his desire and he was no longer satisfied with the concept of remaining reasinably stationary for play. We quickly had to come up with new ways to keep his little hands and feet occupied, safely and easily. I hope you find them as useful as we did!

10 one year old activities

Spider’s Web Discovery Basket

1 spider's web discovery basket
This easy to prepare Discovery Basket is perfect for busy fingers and inquisitive minds. You can find how to prepare it on the following link.
Spider’s Web Discovery Basket.

Pipe Cleaner Drop

This simple play can be easily achieved using an old tin formula can or bottle with holes in the lid. Be sure to smooth off the edges to ensure there is nothing sharp that your toddler can catch themselves on.
Buddy loves nothing more than pushing the pipe cleaners or straws into the holes. To make things more challenging for a slightly older toddler, you could make the holes different sizes.

Ball Pool Bath

ball pool bath - 1 e
Encourage movement and build on balance too with this simple Ball Pool Bath.

Indoor Soup Sensory Bin

This sensory bin encourages toddlers to work on their scooping skills and also their balance! Easy to prepare this Water Ball Scoop Sensory Bin will keep them occupied for hours.

Toilet Paper Roll Drop

Simply tape a toilet paper roll to the wall and provide your toddler with some wooden blocks, pom poms, cut up straws or bottle lids. If it fits through the tube then it is perfect for this activity! (Always monitor your child with small objects to prevent a choking risk)

Newspaper Floor Play

newspaper floor 2
My little one loves nothing more than ripping up paper and making a fantastic mess and noise! If your toddler is similar then this Newspaper Gross Motor activity is a perfect energy buster!

Simple Train Tunnel

Use an old tube or piece or cardboard as a tunnel for trains and cars! Buddy loves to set his electric train off through the tunnel and to rush to the other end to eagerly await its arrival in the “station”.

Homemade Drum Kit

Tap into your toddlers’ inner musician with this simple Homemade Drum Kit (you might need some earplugs for your own sanity though…..)

Discovery Baskets

discovery basket fb
Discovery baskets are an awesome tool for children of all ages. They encourage imagination and a good discovery basket can stimulate all of the senses. Why not check out this list of 150 Items to Include in your Discovery Basket.

Pasta Scoop Sensory Bin

toddler pasta-scoop-cover
This simple Sensory Bin is reasonably tidy and is super simple to prepare. Buddy thoroughly enjoyed scooping and pouring in his Pasta Sensory Bin.

I hope you have found these ideas and activities useful and that they provide lots of hours of fun entertainment for your young toddler too! If you enjoyed these, why not also check out this fun round up of indoor toddler activities.

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