Ball Pool Bath Gross Motor Play

During my first trimester of pregnancy I have been exhausted much of the time and surprisingly nauseous bearing in mind I had absolutely no symptoms when I was pregnant with Buddy. In my slightly more delicate state I have been less inclined to spend ages setting up play so instead we have been concentrating on simple play ideas with simple set up.

I love any activity that gets Buddy moving because it burns off some of his limitless energy! We did this activity on a day when Buddy did not want to sit still for a moment. I was feeling pretty rough in that uniquely wonderful first trimester way and Buddy was itching for something to do.

ball pool bath collage

This activity is pretty self explanatory, Tip a whole load of balls into the bath with a few underwater themed toys and let your toddler go mad! The balls made it difficult for Buddy to move around the bath, which meant he had to work harder than usual. Perfect for burning up extra energy, plus it gave me the opportunity to sit down for the first time that day!

ball pool bath - 1 e

ball pool bath 2

Buddy enjoyed clambering and climbing through the balls and had fun playing with his little duck friend! We also made a game of throwing the balls out of the bath. This was such a simple activity, yet it entertained Buddy for almost an hour!

For more simple play ideas, why not check out our simple Newspaper Gross Motor Play or our Fine Motor Pasta Scoop Activity. And don’t forget to check back for more simple gross motor activities coming soon!


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