Review – Picstick Photo Magnets

Like most first time parents, I am very snap happy. My iPhone memory is always full and my camera roll boasts thousand of pictures of my bouncing baby boy growing into an independent toddler. It is a luxury that today’s parent can enjoy.

I remember family holidays when I was a kid. Dad would pull out the old 35mm camera and we would all be told to duly pose. Doubtless one of us would stick our tongue out, there would be an inopportune sneeze or a tickle war that resulted in a less than perfect image, yet it was full of memories and laughter. Of course, back then, the photos weren’t instant. The film was packed off in the post and three to four weeks later the pictures landed on the doormat. They were often blurry (try keeping four kids still), they were rarely posed as intended, yet they were our treasured memories.

Of course nowadays, everything has a camera. Every moment of life is catchable and shareable, yet I for one rarely print my pictures. It is a sad change in habit and one that I am keen to rectify, which is why I was so happy to be given the opportunity to try out Picstick’s photo magnets.

Please note – I received these magnets free of charge for the purpose of reviewing them. All opinions are my own.

Picstick review 1

I ordered my photo magnets via the Picstick Website. The site is very user friendly and can be easily accessed by laptop and iPad.

Picstick enables you to choose nine images at a time to turn into magnets, which was challenging for me as I have so many pictures I absolutely love! Thankfully you can easily crop your images and rotate them within the website’s editor to ensure you get the best results from your pictures. I chose some of my all time favourite photos of Buddy to adorn my fridge.
The magnets arrived in a sheet which I was initially nervous about (my scissor skills leave much to be desired) however, thankfully they were perforated! After a quick wiggle and snap they were all perfectly cut and ready to decorate my fridge!

picstick review 2

I hope you’ll agree they brighten up our old fridge, they certainly make me smile.

Picstick have generously offered a 25% discount on all orders for our readers. Just use the code WIFE25 at the checkout. I’m tempted to use it myself!

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