Homemade Drum Kit

We are a musical family. I proudly claim this because one third of us is musical… My husband. Unfortunately, I couldn’t hold a tune to save my life and Buddy is too young to show any true prowess yet. The Train Driver on the other hand is classically trained and music is a very important part of his life.

When we discovered we were expecting, we both agreed that we would like to encourage Buddy to learn an instrument if he shows an interest. We have a music corner in the living room filled with tambourines, shakers, rain makers and now we have a drum kit.

This was great fun to make and super simple too!

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How to make a Drum Kit

Our Drum Kit is made from

2 formula tins
1 small cake baking tin
1 large cake baking tin
1 kitchen roll holder.

I covered each of the formula tins in glittery foam and stuck them down with superglue. They take a few hours to dry completely. I found it easier to glue the foam with the lid on the can – the first time I did this I took the lid off and it was really difficult to put it back on again!

I used the smaller cake baking tin as the bass drum and the larger cake baking tin as a cymbal because the larger one has a great tinny sound!

I attached the cymbal to the kitchen roll holder using duck tape.

drum kit 5

Buddy had a great time playing with his drum kit. It makes a brilliant noise and he loves his full size drumsticks which were a gift from his Grandad.



Buddy loves making noise and this drum kit certainly gave my saucepans a few days respite! We have been making lots of homemade instruments and toys recently so keep checking in!

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26 thoughts on “Homemade Drum Kit

  1. This is genius! I have several formula tins laying around and will definitely be making this simple, yet wonderful toy for my daughter. Seeing as she loves to make noise and drum on anything and everything, I’m sure this will indulge her interest. Thank you so much for sharing!


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