Taste Safe Super Stretchy Slime

Slime, Gak, Ooze or Oobleck. Whatever you call it Slime is FUN! Fortunately for me we can now play with slime because the wonderful Asia at Fun at Home with Kids invented a super duper Edible Slime. We couldn’t wait to get stuck in!

You can find the recipe and instructions for Edible Slime on the following link.

Edible Slime Chemical and Borax free – Fun at Home with Kids

This is really easy to make, and quick too!

Playing with it

We set up this play on our brand spanking new wipe clean mat (yes I am pathetically excited about this!) We decided to play indoors as it was quite gloomy outdoors.

Buddy was instantly taken with the slime and made a bee line straight for it. He decided it would be more fun to tip it upside down and play with it on the mat.



The slime oozed out of the container in a huge stretchy stream.


I had to lift the bulk of the slime for Buddy as he isn’t quite strong enough yet, but we enjoyed watching it stretch to at least 70 centimetres before breaking!



Buddy enjoyed prodding the slime and dragging his fingers through it. It was only slightly sticky so it came off his skin and clothes easily (bonus!)



Of course, it had to pass the mandatory Buddy taste test! Fortunately, he didn’t think it tasted too good so he only sampled a few nibbles.


My favourite part of this play was watching Buddy practice his brand new walking skills through it. The slime stuck to his feet and made a fantastic squelching sound, almost like he was walking through sticky mud. He also enjoyed scrunching his toes in the slime. So much fun!



Skills we were working on

Buddy was rocking his gross motor movements here. He was practicing reaching, stretching, standing, walking and crawling – way to go little man!

He was also working on problem solving by tipping the container and banging the bottom to release the slime.

He worked hard at his finer motor movement too by pinching and squeezing the slime and moving his hands and feet through it.

What a fun way to practice all of those skills!

If you enjoyed this play, why not check out our Edible Water Bead Play and our fun with Edible Goo. I love comments, they make me feel like I have friends, so please let me know what you think and how much you enjoy playing with this.


15 thoughts on “Taste Safe Super Stretchy Slime

  1. Fab idea am looking up the recipe and saving for a messy play on a rainy day situation as I bet Monkey will have a lot of fun with it!!! Xx #mmwbh


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