10 Nifty Parenting Hacks to keep Little Hands Busy

Buddy is one of those babies (actually I suppose he’s a toddler now… Sob!) that will attempt to scale the curtains/bookcase/baby gate the moment my back is turned. If my attention is diverted for a moment when he is awake I have to begin a search and rescue mission. Although I love his energy, it is exhausting and it makes it difficult to get anything else done! So I thought I would share some of my favourite parenting hacks that we use to distract him, and some nifty ideas I found online too!

Please read the disclaimer before taking part in any activity.


I am comfortable to enjoy these activities with my (almost) 1 year old. Please consider your own child’s ability and never engage in any activity you feel will be unsafe for your child.

1. Make a Cardboard Box Post Box

2. Have fun with No Mess Painting

3. Practice Fine motor skills with a quick and simple Peek-A-Boo Door

4. Go on a rescue mission with your very own Spider’s Web Discovery Basket

5. Make a Discovery Basket for your little one to explore. Here is a list of 150 Items to Include in your Discovery Basket


6. Push objects through a paper towel tube. Anna at the Measured Mom used Pom-Poms in her paper towel play. I prefer to use wooden blocks at the moment, as Buddy is still very taste happy.

7. Make this brilliant Clipping Toy, created by Rachel at the Kid’s Activities Blog

8. Set up a simple play with Clothes Pegs and Bowl Play, this play was thought up by Ewa at Blueberry Craft and Hobbytime.

9. Set up a Muffin Tray Sorting Activity as Anna at The Imagination Tree did. I’m trying this one tomorrow!

10. Make some DIY Sensory Boards as Asia at Fun at Home with Kids did. These are fantastic and we are already planning to make one of these for Buddy’s Christmas Present!

I hope these ideas provide you with a few (much needed) moments of sanity! Of course any other ideas are always welcome!

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16 thoughts on “10 Nifty Parenting Hacks to keep Little Hands Busy

  1. Keeping little ones occupied safely isn’t easy, but you have listed some clever and creative ways of doing so. It’s a shame that simple things stop entertaining children once they reach their teens!

    Popped over from #WeekendBlogHop.


  2. Some fantastic ideas here, great to keep little explorers occupied and give yourself a few minutes to get things done too! Thanks for linking with #letkidsbekids


  3. Great ideas – think I’m going to need these with Little Mister in a few months time. From what I’ve seen so far, I suspect he’s going to be far stronger and more ‘busy’ and active than his sister was! Will have to bookmark this. #mmwbh #brilliantblogposts


  4. Keeping little beans occupied is never easy! I struggle keeping my own happy day in and day out, so thanks for these new ideas! I’ll be sure to put them to use! Thanks for linking up with MMWBH xx


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