5 Reasons Why Childbirth is better than your period

Yes, you did read that right. This is one of my more controversial opinions and it is one that receives very little support until I explain my reasoning.


You get the day off work

No employer would dream of insisting that you stay at work during labour. In fact they would probably call an ambulance for you and make you a cup of tea for once.

Your husband or significant other is also likely to get the day off work too. Bonus!

I am yet to find an employer who is as obliging when it comes to Aunt Flo, and they certainly wouldn’t give my husband the day off to look after me and cheer me on.

People are nice to you

You can pretty much guarantee that during childbirth people are going to be nice, considerate and do what they can to help you. They may even ask you what you want (oh the luxury!)

When Flo is in town, no one cares.

You get Gas and Air

Gas and air is the best thing that was ever invented and I wish they sold it at the chemist. I believe that a healthy dose of gas and air could solve most problems.

Flight delayed? – have some gas and air and see how bothered you are.

Flo gets paracetamol and a hot water bottle….. great.

You get a baby

You do the leg work and you get a lovely baby at the end of it. (Okay, it’s not quite leg work… I didn’t give birth whilst peddling a bicycle)

There is no feeling like that of a newborn baby in your arms

What do you get after Flo? Nada….

You get nine months off work

A nine month holiday (hahaha) with a newborn bundle of joy and to make things even better you get paid to take it. God bless maternity leave.

Aunt Flo gives you a three-week break but you still have to go to work.

So ladies, before you worry about childbirth just think about all the lovely things that come with it and think yourself lucky to be in labour.

I understand and recognise that labour is not a positive experience for some women. This post is intended to be tongue in cheek and is no way intended to belittle of diminish the experiences of others.

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