5 Reasons Not to do the Ironing

Meet my ironing pile.
Normally I wouldn’t introduce people to my laundry but this has been sitting, waiting to be done for so long I fear it has developed a personality.


I hate ironing. I have always hated ironing and I view people who claim to enjoy ironing with suspicion, however D-Day has come and I have finally resigned myself to the fact that it needs to be done. That is to say I had resigned myself to do it before I came up with this excellent list of reasons why ironing is not a good idea.

1. It encourages us to wear other clothes.
When I haven’t ironed for months *cough* weeks, it is like having a new wardrobe. I find clothes I had long forgotten about and would never wear if I had ironed.

2. It is good for the economy
If I really run out of clothes to wear before I iron, I will have to buy more. If everyone did this, the economy would be booming!

3. It encourages independence
Ok, I understand that expecting Buddy to iron his own clothes is a bit extreme, however the Train Driver is certainly capable of picking up an iron.

4. I’m saving electricity.
Surely it would be better for me to iron all of the clothes at once, rather than do lots of little baskets. (I know my basket has far surpassed the little basket stage but I could certainly fill it some more!) This will use less electricity and in these days of rising energy prices, that can only be a good thing.

5. I’m preserving and respecting the lifespan of the iron.
The more I use it, the sooner it will break. I’m being a conscientious housewife and protecting our household appliances from unnecessary wear and tear.

So, after careful consideration, I have decided that it would be irresponsible if not negligent of me to iron.

What a shame.


15 thoughts on “5 Reasons Not to do the Ironing

  1. I agree, agree, agree! Great reasons not to iron. You would not want to damage that iron or lead the country to recession again. Let’s all stop ironing!


  2. I’ve just popped over from The Weekend Blog Hop and when I saw your first post it was almost as if it were written for me. I too hate ironing and the time of year dictates to me how much ironing I do. In the winter I see no point in ironing tee shirts that never get seen and in the spring and autumn I only iron the fronts as that is usually the only part on show!

    I love it when the creased look is in and I wear gypsy skirts in the summer as they have to be twisted and knotted, so they dry all creased – to the horror of my own Mum!

    I am sure that ironing shortens the life of fabrics, surely applying direct heat breaks down the fibers in the material?

    I think all five of your reasons for holding back on the ironing are well justified, irons can last forever if they are rarely used and it is nice to wear clothes that we may not usually choose to wear!

    Loved the post it did make me smile!



  3. Since moving to uni three years ago I’ve probably ironed about 7 times.. only for interviews or for when I was working in a hotel!! My boyfriend’s mum used to iron EVERYTHING including boxers and socks.. I’ve made it clear not to expect that from me 😉 – perhaps I’ll show him this list? Laura xx #WeekendBlogHop x


    • Show it and live it! I do not iron exercise clothing, bedding, underwear, baby vests, pyjamas and anything else I can get away with. Ironing for me comes in two stages. First there is the sorting when laundry comes out of the washing machine – iron or not iron, and then there is the sorting when you are actually faced with the inevitability that you have to iron. At this second sorting I aim to reduce the pile by at least 70%!


  4. This list made me smile.
    I never iron. Things get dried and put away in their respective places only to be tossed around by rummaging kids (and husband!) and would just need ironing again anyway so I don’t bother. any creases mostly soon drop due to body heat anyway. I do own an iron, somewhere, it has to be scrubbed free of dust whenever hubby uses it to iron shirts/trousers. He’s a mechanic so this happens at most twice a year 🙂 #WeekendBlogHop


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