Fun with Frozen Taste Safe Chalk

Today we have had a busy and messy play day with Frozen Edible Chalk. We also got to play with Buddy’s Auntie “Lulu”, one of our favourite people in the world and Buddy’s future God Mother (when we finally get around to getting him baptised!)

We haven’t seen Lulu in ages because she works crazy shifts so it was a real treat to spend most of the day with her today and to watch her and Buddy get messy!

I decided to take the frozen chalk paints with me as they transport easily. These are a really fun super sensory activity, and they are really simple to make.


You can find this ultra simple recipe here-
Frozen Edible Chalk Recipe


Buddy enjoyed the feel and taste of the chalk. He insisted on taste testing each piece… This chalk melts very quickly and turns into a brilliant sensory goo which adds an extra element to the play.



Check out those fabulously gooey fingers!


Buddy quickly found the rest of the chalk and was keen to get it all out at once.


We decided to put a few chalk pieces in the paddling pool to make them nice and slippery. Buddy enjoyed watching the water change colour, but was soon keen to get back to colouring.



He enjoyed touching the melted chalk, and tasting it!




Auntie Lulu then dripped some chalk onto Buddy’s back and got him nice and spotty!



We had great fun making lots of mess!



This was a really fun sensory play. Although the chalk is wet when used, it dries very quickly. It can be cleaned easily with a bucket of water and a sweeping brush.

Please be careful if your little one enjoys eating everything as Buddy does. These melt very quickly and Buddy managed to fit an entire chalk in his mouth. I stayed close at hand during this play, poised to fish hook any chalk pieces that were becoming hazardously small.

Have fun folks!


14 thoughts on “Fun with Frozen Taste Safe Chalk

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  2. What a clever idea and perfect for children. They can’t help but stick everything off the floor in their mouth! I’ll definitely be making these for the girls when they are older. X


  3. What an absolutely brilliant idea…my girls are older and passed this stage but I wish this was available then! Lovely pics, Kyla…so pleased we’ve connected through brilliant posts. It’s great to see children being children and making the best of the good weather we’ve had! 🙂 x


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