Taste Safe Goo

I have always loved goo and slime, ever since watching those shows as a child when people would sit in a tank and get slimed. I was always so jealous and desperate to experience it. I have been desperate to try this for a while but was unable to find a baby safe recipe and edible recipe.

Fortunately, Pinterest came to the rescue once again! We found this super fun and simple recipe at Fun at Home With Kids.

Super Easy Sensory Play – Cornstarch and Water

This recipe calls for Cornflour (cornstarch to any Americans reading) and water. So simple, but such a perfect first sensory experience with goo!

What you need

One box of cornflour
One container
Some tap water
A spoon

How to make it
Empty the whole box of cornflour into the container.
Enjoy squidging the plain cornflour for a little while (you can do this with baby, or secretly)
Add tap water in very gradual increments and stir until it reaches a thick, gloppy consistency.

Playing with the Edible Goo

This is a very messy play. I would suggest laying down a plastic sheet, or three. If the mixture gets into your carpet mop up the big bits quickly, then allow it to dry. It will Hoover up easily.

Buddy was instantly interested in the goo. He watched me make it and followed me out of the kitchen and into the living room. His eyes never left the container.


He seemed to enjoy the feel and texture of the goo. He enjoyed lifting it up and watching it dribble from his fingers.


Unfortunately, Buddy was convinced it was food, he just cold not resist the taste test. He enjoyed grabbing the goo and squeezing it in his hand, making it solid. He then enjoyed opening his hand and watching it drip from his hand.


Activity cost

£0.59 – Cornflour

Entertainment value

For Buddy – 15 minutes including the time spent making the goo. He was quite quickly bored by this, however I think he will enjoy it more when he is older.

For the Train Driver – endless. He has never seen a cornflour and water mix before and was more intrigued than Buddy. I have had to promise to make it again soon.

Expand on it?

I am planning to add some food colouring and to see if I can mix colours with the goo.
This is an excellent mix which will incorporate crafty play, discussions around cooking and further sensory play when Buddy is of an age when he is more appreciative of it!

For older children I would suggest allowing them to mix the goo, to touch the raw cornflour, to measure the water and discuss the consistency of the goo.

This has been one of my favourite activities, even though it was short lived. It is definitely a recipe I will be pulling out for our next play date!

3 thoughts on “Taste Safe Goo

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  2. Love this! Already did the discovery box and my 7 month old LOVED it. she played independently, by my side for an hour. Excited to try the edible goop, and the bottles…Thanks!


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