Sensory play – wooden blocks

I love love LOVE wooden building blocks. Buddy has been able to gum the larger blocks from around four months of age and now he loves nothing more than knocking them over!

We bought a large 120 piece tub of building blocks from JTF for around £6.

I was very proud of tower number one, however Buddy clearly felt it needed a redesign….





Tower number two fared a little better, however was also vetoed at the planning meeting.






Tower number three was scrutinised somewhat before it was vetoed. Buddy evaluated it for a long while before removing the top bricks. Unfortunately, even after the re-design, it failed to meet his exacting standards and was once again demolished.





Activity cost
£6 – one off payment

Entertainment value

30 minutes to an hour.

I always keep the blocks to hand. If Buddy is crawling away or eyeing up the plug socket, I find it to be a great distraction technique .

Expand on it?!

Stacking and fine motor skills
We are now working on getting Buddy to stack the blocks himself. This is slow progress at present…. He loves eating them and knocking them down. Stacking just does not hold his interest!

Colour identification, shape identification and counting

The blocks are great for sorting and counting. Also they are useful to begin conversation and improve vocabulary about shapes, colour and size.

I can’t wait for Buddy to be old enough to try all of this… Although for now I must admit, I secretly enjoy making huge towers whilst he is napping!

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